About us

Your friend and a friend of your teeth. Healthy and nice-looking teeth are a precondition to anyone’s general health and satisfaction. The harmony and beauty of a shiny smile are extremely important in anyone’s private and working life. Let the staff of the specialist oral surgery dental office of Dr Marija Gligorijevic take care of your healthy and nice smile, with no fear or pain.


Standards posed by patients wishing to have a nice and shiny smile are increasinlgy high

We enedavour to make our efforts worthwhile in satisfying these requirements, making our patients’ smile our advertisement


In the pleasant ambience of the premises equipped to the latest standards and using  the new materials and techniques of modern dental practices, we strive to satisfy your requirements.

With regards from our Team:

– Dr Marija Gligorijević, Specialist of Oral Surgery and Implantology
– Dr Jovana Ćirković, Doctor of Dental Medicine
– Marina Đoković, Dental Medicine Nurse